Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Joana's Leveling Guide Puts You on Top of the World...of Warcraft

I know this much: you play World of Warcraft, and you LOVE it. You've heard of Leveling Guides, or even Powerleveling Guides. You've probably thought it sounds cool, but thought, "What's the point? Can a guide really help me THAT much?"

And then you've seen your friends level up 20 levels in mere hours. I can tell you from honest experience that this guide is NOT a scam, is TOTALLY LEGAL and worth the money it costs over and over again.

What are you waiting for?

Take it from a REAL PERSON who uses this guide every day. My husband and stepson use it every day, too--AND WE LOVE IT!

By the end of the week you could be exactly the same level you are, or you could fast forward your character to 70. It's up to you.

There is something gratifying about being level 1 and getting to level 2 in, say, a few minutes. Am I right?

As the game goes on, however, leveling becomes harder, organizing quests becomes more difficult, and frustration ensues. I prefer to solo, and I got to a point when all the quests were far apart, and leveling seemed like a monumental task. I copped out.

With the new edition of Burning Crusade, I just couldn't help but jump on board with a new blood elf. But after level 20, my focus dissipated. And then I came upon Joana/Mancow's 1-70 Alliance guide, now updated for Patch 2.3, after my husband brought it home, sheepishly apologizing for the purchase. But it was worth every penny.

Joana/Mancow is a gamer who, like the 8 million people worldwide who play World of Warcraft, puts some heavy hours into playing the game. But where most people just do it for fun, he has devised strategies of where, when, and how to do every quest on your way to level 70. If anyone has ever heeded the advice "do what you love," this guy certainly has. Countless hours of “fooling around” on the computer has produced some priceless information.

The guide tells you step-by-step what to do when, at every level. All the planning of when to do each quest, where to go, and how to efficiently manage your time is already done. You won't waste any more time--ever! He gives coordinates for every location, both for accepting and turning in quests, and gives great advice you would never know otherwise. For example, he'll tell you which quests to skip because the travel time, difficulty or trival XP earned isn't worth it. He suggests off-road routes to take so you don't get beaten down by mobs, and often he'll tell you to pick up a certain item because you will need it later for a quest, saving you time by not having to make a return trip. Also, because it is an electronic book, each quest links to thottbot.com so if you have additional need for help, you can look it up easily and efficiently!

These aren't the only tips he gives. Joana also has a page for each class, stating his opinion for the best talent point expenditure and strategies. He has each starting region mapped out for each of the classes, and a special new section for getting a blood elf to level 20. He then explains where next to go on the guide to follow the game.

But most importantly, the guide makes the game fun. It can be very frustrating to feel like you're in a rut, whether in actual reality or virtual reality. For me personally, as I continue using the guide with my characters (blood elf rogue and warlock), as my husband does with his troll rogue and my stepson with his blood elf hunter and paladin, I always know that I'm moving forward in the most efficient way. Sometimes we'll join in on another family member's quest, helping to "navigate" the player through quests. It has enriched our experience of the game a hundredfold.

Now, if only we could have a "Real Life" Leveling Guide...Joana might be our god.

I promise you, you won't be sorry.

Go pwn.

Click HERE to rocket yourself to level 70!