Sunday, June 1, 2008

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Joana's Guide ROCKS for leveling all Horde characters, but with the new expansion of Burning Crusade, he includes the starting area for Blood Elves. No joke--I took a Blood Elf Hunter from level 1 to 20 in just TWO DAYS TIME! And by "days" that of course isn't playing time, but actual days. So you figure a few hours in the evening on Thursday and Friday, some good playing time on Saturday afternoon, and BAM! He was all grown up and ready to move on to new and exciting areas. I was so proud.

My other characters were actually quite jealous for having spent weeks to get to the same place. >:( (If I ever get a new computer and a second account, watch out you beautiful blood elves, with your enticing dance moves and Fabio-ish hair--your mana tap won't work on a 70 Night Elf Hunter!)

Check out Joana's Guide by clicking HERE.