Monday, December 1, 2008

Get to Level 80 in 2 DAYS!!!

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Joana did it. So can you. And what's better--this hugely popular guide is now available as an in-game leveling mod!

Joana has done it again, folks. By following his new 70-80 guide, you can get to 80--the highest level in the game--in just 2 days playing time. Not only that, but no more frantic switching between computer screens, or losing a pvp battle because you're reading a printout of the guide--now, Joana's guide is a full in-game leveling mod! This will be EXTREMELY helpful. Not owning a printer myself, I have to switch between a pdf and the WoW screen which takes a few seconds short of forever.

If you're not yet 70 and do not have Joana's Guide, you'll be happy to know that there's a 1-70 Guide as well, which . As I've mentioned before, with the guide I got my Blood Elf to level 20 in 2 days--as in real days, not playing time days. The guides rock. Joana takes you through the most efficient sequence of quests to get you the most bang for your buck--er, most xp for your time.

Also included? This takes the cake: a 55-60 Death Knight Leveling Guide and a Death Knight Strategy Guide.

This guy knows his stuff. Honestly. He's played more WoW than I would care to know about. "What about the frequent patches and upgrades?" you say? "Ah, young padawan, have no fear," I reply. "Any significant changes to the game will also be upgraded in the guide." It's more like a one-time fee for "membership" rather than for one guide.

Check it out HERE.--you won't be disappointed. If you are, I'll personally martyr myself to the Lich King himself. ;)